How to divide hiking equipment?(2)

How to divide hiking equipment?(2)

How to divide hiking equipment?(2)

3. Water filtration system

Purpose: to ensure the drinking water demand of our source of life in the outdoor environment and reduce the amount of stored water

Configuration suggestions: Reliability>Water discharge speed>Durability>Maintenance convenience>Adaptability

As we all know, water is the source of life, the reliability of the filter will directly affect our travel safety, and the flow rate of the water will affect our travel efficiency, durability, convenience and adaptability are related to this consumable Therefore, the choice of the water filter can be said to be the most important in the selection of equipment, and the water filter is one of the equipment that is recommended to be carried with you whenever you are outdoors.

4. Technical equipment

(1) Trekking poles

Purpose: save energy, distribute force and save joint function

Configuration recommendations: For larger weights, it is recommended to choose outer lock aluminum alloy or carbon fiber materials; for smaller weights, it is recommended to choose lighter folding carbon fiber Z sticks.

Recommendations for use: The use of trekking poles is mainly based on the vertical compression force support and does not provide tangential support for the poles. Therefore, special attention should be paid to prevent safety accidents during use. At the same time, due to the structure of the trekking poles, it cannot It is used for pulling and towing purposes and requires careful attention.

(2) Headlamp

Purpose: Possible low-light environment travel and camp lights

Configuration recommendations: light weight, 200 lumens or more, maximum brightness and battery life for 4 to 5 hours.

(3) Knee pads

Purpose: to help disperse the support of the knee

Configuration suggestion: choose the adjustable strap, and can maintain good air permeability.

Recommendations for use: Personal experience is that the knee muscles can be strengthened during the uphill process, without the need to wear; the knee pads are only used when downhill to help improve the support and disperse the force. After a period of time, if you have mastered a relatively good downhill technique and rhythm, you can use it without knee pads. (Varies from person to person)

(4) Crampons
(5) Multifunctional small knife

Purpose: Multi-purpose 

Configuration suggestion: recommend the combination of small knife + nail clippers

5. Cooking system

(1) Stove 
(2) Tableware 

6. Sleep system

(1) Shelter 
(2) Sleeping pad 
(3) Sleeping bag 

7. Emergency\Standby

(1) Lip balm
(2) Painkillers
(3) Other emergency items
(4) Emergency communication equipment 

8. Electronic equipment

Regarding electronic devices, they are carried according to their own needs, but they are all based on the principle of being portable and multifunctional.

9. Entertainment equipment

It is generally recommended to carry 1 to 2 pieces of entertainment equipment according to your own abilities. For example, a comfortable pillow, a dirty sleeping bag, an e-book, a massage ball and so on.

Written at the back:

Most of the time, lightweight is a configuration made at the expense of comfort and relatively high investment without sacrificing safety.

In addition, about the packaging method of the equipment, it will also be shared in the follow-up article.

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