7 Reasons Why Winter Hiking Better Than Summer & 10 Best Moments

7 Reasons Why Winter Hiking Better Than Summer & 10 Best Moments

7 Reasons Why Winter Hiking Better Than Summer & 10 Best Moments

Summertime is hiking time - at least if you believe the travel catalogs and advertisements from the Alps. Happy couples or cheerful families are shown hiking through the nature of the mountains in short summer clothes and enjoying life. But it is so much nicer to hike in winter. You only need to wear thicker clothes and pants to ward off the cold., that's all. Cycorld shows 7 reasons why why winter hiking is better than summer and 10 of the most enjoyable moments of winter hiking

7 Reasons Why Winter Hiking Better Than Summer & 10 Best Moments

1. that absolute silence when snow has fallen.

Have you ever had the feeling that the world is suddenly much quieter when fresh snow has fallen? This is no imagination, because the light snow cover actually fights the background noise, because the countless cavities between the initially still bulky ice crystals serve as sound absorbers. And where could this phenomenon be better enjoyed than in the pristine nature. This is pure deceleration and relaxation.

2. warming up in the sauna

If you hike in the summer and exert yourself, you'll quickly get wet with sweat and your clothes will stick to your body. This happens less in winter, and as a bonus, an evening of relaxation in the sauna beckons after a long day of hiking in the freezing cold. There is simply nothing better than the feeling of how the muscles slowly thaw out again and the whole body warms up from the inside.

3. winter hiking is still a niche sport

Can it in the summer, straight in the vacation time, in popular vacation regions of the mountains on the footpaths partly so full become that one must stand in line, is a large advantage of the winter walking that so far only few humans practice this sport. Only rarely do you even meet another soul on the trails, but is often instead completely alone with himself and the snowy nature.

4. good endurance training

Anyone who has ever trudged through deep snow and repeatedly sunk in up to their knees knows how much strength it takes to keep pulling your foot out and taking the next step. And that's exactly why winter hiking is a perfect workout for the cardiovascular system. Maybe the hiking distance is a bit shorter, but the body gets a good workout.

7 Reasons Why Winter Hiking Better Than Summer & 10 Best Moments

5. staying active during the cold season

By March at the latest, many panic about whether they'll make it to the beach figure for summer because they've spent the whole winter on the couch without moving excessively. Winter hikers do not know the problem, because they have spent the cold season diligently with sports and are super in shape.

6. beautiful snowy winter landscape

Sure, the mountains are a scenic dream even in summer, but in winter they add a very special, mystical atmosphere that doesn't exist during the warmer months. In winter, the snow sparkles in the sun and there are mysterious tracks in the snow to follow. During winter hiking you can really feel how nature takes a break and draws strength for the next spring and summer.

7. favorable offers of the accommodations

Precisely because not many people have discovered winter hiking yet and because it is often low season (before the skiing weeks begin), many accommodations reduce their prices in order to attract overnight guests. Often, because of the unusual time, it is also pleasantly quiet in the hotels and guesthouses, because only a few guests are there. These bargains come just in time for winter hikers and make winter hiking that little bit better.

7 Reasons Why Winter Hiking Better Than Summer & 10 Best Moments

10 moments that every winter hiker knows

Winter hiking is still a niche sport, but more and more people are discovering it for themselves and enjoying the tranquility of snow-covered nature. There are moments that every winter hiker knows - both good and bad - and the bad ones usually have to do with the cold. In the following list, everyone who has tried hiking in the snow will surely find themselves. Next look the 10 moments that every winter hiker knows.

1. It's still pitch black outside. Why am I actually doing this?

If you go hiking in the summer, you'll be woken up in the morning by birdsong, deer dancing across the meadows and rays of sunlight gently tickling your face. Okay, the image is perhaps a bit exaggerated, but at least getting up is much more pleasant than in winter. Because then it is pitch dark and that does not change the next few hours and in addition it is also a*schkalt. But who is a real winter hiker, who bites through.

2. packing like for Siberia

Put on shorts and a T-shirt, lace up your shoes, put on a light daypack and you're ready to go. If you're hiking in the winter, first put on seven layers of clothing and also take eight more in case something is too thin or gets wet. Then add several thermos bottles of tea, seat cushions for breaks, ice axes and night vision in case you get lost in the snow flurries. And already the lightweight daypack weighs what feels like half a ton.

3. oh, I don't need sunglasses

The weather forecast speaks of the next four weeks of continuous cloud cover without even a single ray of sunshine. So winter hikers don't take sunglasses with them out of trust in the meteorologists. But as soon as you are far enough away from your accommodation that going back is no longer worthwhile, suddenly Gandalf the White appears on the horizon, turns the snow into stadium floods and you can't see a thing. Trying to make it into the shade with your eyes closed, you hit your shins several more times. Thank you, weather service!

4. oh nice, it looks flat there, I can go.

Has anyone ever noticed how innocent a blanket of snow can look? It literally calls out, "Come here, step quietly here, it's nice and flat here". And then suddenly you're standing in snow up to your waist, and your foot is hanging somewhere in the underworld. In the process, your pants slip up and you get a wonderful refreshment that you really didn't ask for. If you then try to fight your way out of the predicament, the same thing happens again at the next step.

7 Reasons Why Winter Hiking Better Than Summer & 10 Best Moments

5. when you feel an iceberg falling down your neck

It looks so beautiful when the branches of the fir trees, heavily laden with fresh snow, hang low in the path. There comes a real reverent feeling for the beauty of nature. So much for the beautiful moment. Those who want to preserve the illusion should stop reading here. Realists please read on. If you walk under these fir trees, a pile of snow the size of Cologne Cathedral takes it upon itself to pounce on unsuspecting hikers. And somehow it always manages to fall right into this mini-gap between the neck and the jacket collar.

6. alone in the silence of the snowy landscape

But of course there are also beautiful moments while winter hiking, beautiful ones to be exact. Because there's nothing like that moment when you're standing in a clearing, haven't met anyone for hours, and can just soak up the sight of the snowy wild landscape. Maybe a wild animal comes out of the forest, sniffs suspiciously and then disappears again into the thicket. In any case, this is one of those moments for which winter hikers gladly endure even the most annoying moments.

7. this moment when you come into the warm hut.

Actually, you thought it wasn't that cold outside, until you open the door of the mountain hut, where a fire is burning in the open fireplace and it's estimated to be about 70 degrees. Then you feel your own face and ears and realize that they were about to freeze off. So now you sit down in front of the fireplace and warm up your whole body. And then eat the menu up and down, because winter hiking consumes a lot of calories.

8. okay, that's it, that's my end!

Just now there was the most beautiful sunshine and then suddenly you are standing in a blizzard. The snow drift is so strong that you can no longer see your hand in front of your eyes, let alone the path you were supposed to follow. It doesn't matter that you're actually only walking in the city forest, but nevertheless these horror scenarios are already appearing in your brain about how you'll be found frozen stiff under the melting snow cover in the spring, while the snowdrops are peeking out of the ground next to you.

9. warm up in the sauna in the evening

If you've been marching through the cold all day and at some point haven't felt your toes, you'll be especially happy if your accommodation also has a sauna. There is hardly anything better than the feeling that the body is heated back to healthy normal temperatures. Then straight to bed and sleep like a rock. The perfect end to a day of winter hiking.

10. the good feeling of not having to panic about the beach figure.

It is the tiresome topic, at the latest in April the nationwide panic arises that the summer stands again so unexpectedly before the door and that it will never work out in time now with the Beachbody. Winter hikers grin to themselves and rejoice in their lives, because they have spent all the last months, while others have lain on the couch and eaten dominoes, with physical exercise. That's good!

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