Why A Double Jacket Can Save Your Hiking

Why A Double Jacket Can Save Your Hiking

Why A Double Jacket Can Save Your Hiking

Whether it's a day hike or a multi-day tour, the right clothing is essential. An unsuitable choice can turn it into an ordeal, for example, by clothing that is not breathable and thus does not wick away moisture. When hiking, the most important thing is comfortable outerwear made of suitable materials and suitable shoes. But what exactly should be paid attention to here? Which garments and materials are ideal? The following guide will help you make the right choice.


Tips for the right choice of hiking clothes

During hiking, the clothing is quite responsible for the well-being and contributes to not getting sick. Often people wear clothes that are too warm. This leads to heavy sweating and, as a consequence, soaked clothing. What starts with sweating will end with freezing at the next rest stop. This, of course, is not good. Therefore, a functional shirt made of cotton should be chosen. Over it, a thin microfleece and a high-quality jacket can be worn.

The tried and tested onion principle for hiking

The onion principle, i.e. wearing several layers, is ideal because it offers the possibility of being able to react in the case of strong temperature fluctuations, for example, if you first hike in the sun and then it is suddenly cool in the valley. Perfect is the so-called double jacket, which is also called a 3in1 jacket. It consists of an under the jacket and over the jacket. The jackets can be worn together or separately, resulting in the onion principle. The over jacket provides good weather protection due to its wind- and water-repellent properties and the under jacket is made of a warming and breathable material. Therefore, multifunctional jackets are the optimal choice when hiking. Due to its popularity, it is available in a wide variety of material combinations, so that everyone can find the perfect double jacket.

Suitable hiking shoes

Indispensable for the hiking tour is also the right shoes, because the feet are exposed to high stress while hiking. They enclose the ankles and thus provide maximum support and the necessary stability. Thanks to the treaded soles, they are suitable for different ground conditions. The heavier and more solid mountain boots provide good surefootedness in alpine terrain, and winter boots with a heavily treaded rubber outsole are ideal in low temperatures. Breathable and waterproof materials are very important in all footwear, as they ensure a comfortable foot climate.

Conclusion - Key Piece Double Jacket

These were the best tips around the perfect hiking clothing. It protects from wind, rain, snow, cold and heat, but at the same time ensures a comfortable body climate. This is very important when hiking. The three-layer principle has proven itself for a long time. This is the optimal combination of several functional garments to protect against different weather conditions. Popular are double jackets, which consist of a warming and waterproof layer and are connected by zippers. They can be worn separately or together, so there are three possible uses. At appropriate temperatures, of course, the head, neck and hands should also be protected. Here, breathability is again an important factor. In addition, utensils such as a trekking backpack are used, where drinks and clothes that may be discarded can be stowed.


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